Friday, 12 April 2013

Cake & Bake Show

Last Saturday we along with a group of our WI ladies trekked on the metrolink to Manchester Central (or Gmex for oldies like me) for the Cake & Bake Show. So we though we would show you what we saw. (rather a lot of pictures in this post we could not resist)
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There was certainly a lot to take in, and a million people. There were big stands from Sainsbury’s, Squires Kitchens, Dr. Oetker, Lakeland (who also had a big shop but reaching it needed a braver woman than I), W.H.Smiths and Baking Many different theatres including the kids theatre where they were making bread and the larger baking and cake making stages.

The Sainsbury’s stand manned by season 2 Great British Bake Off contestant (and my personal favorite)  Holly Bell were promoting their new baking range which looked very fancy, apparently coming to stores soon.
Many of the stalls were beautifully styled and full of amazing looking things.
Clockwise from left Martins  Bradleys Pryces
 Clockwise from left Marriage's, Doves Farm, Flour Bin, Doves Farm, Four Bin.
Many artisan and specialists flour companies, where we picked up one of these proving dishes from Doves Farm

Our Prestwich Food Fest favorite Dough It yourself with their pizza (so that was dinner sorted) You can now order online too which is very dangerous because these pizza's and sauces are gorgeous.

A million cake and sweet treats stalls all beautifully styled here are some highlights.
Clockwise from left The Marshmallowists!, Ginger Bakers, More?
Probably our favorite stall was full of vintage Kitchenalia and lovely things, we picked up some plates and stickers, it was beautifully styled and a big hit. 
And the Lovely ladies (and their lovely dresses) manning the stall.
Very attractive stall from Bonne Maman where mum picked up some of these huge Jar’s 
Gingerbread Making Competition
We like hundreds stood and listened to Tom Herbert (from the Fabulous Baker Boys) make wheaten bread on the stage. 

This is him taking a picture for twitter with the audience.
We saw some other baking celebs as well Eric lanlard, Edd kimber, John Whaite, Paul A Young and many more.

We are already planning a joint (Prestwich & Whitefield and Salford Angels they are our closest WI neighbours who we went to this show with as well) to this in June. Looks very interesting Cake, Mr Darcy and a Vintage Market yes please.
Also another amazing stall love the bunting and gingham makes me look forward to summer.

All in all a great day out and we would definitely go again next year just maybe on a Friday next time.

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